Do you want your students to be motivated and make the most of their physical education learning ? When Andi from Sportandi wakes up in the morning he wonders, how can he engage more students in physical education and sport?

The Olascoaga Teaching Method

The Olascoaga method for physical education and sport development created by Sportandi founder and CEO Andres Olascoaga, promotes fun participation in physical education for school aged children by placing an emphasis on sport concepts rather than skills. The main benefits of the Olascoaga method are:

  • Simple implementation
  • Engaging all the students in the lesson.
  • Provides a levelled field for all students to excel.
  • Time efficient.
  • Allows students skill development and sports concepts to develop.
  • Caters for large numbers of students in one class.

The Olascoaga method was created in Melbourne Australia and we customised our programs to the level of the students in multi skill classes.

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    Andi has been working at Valkstone Primary School coaching our students and enhancing our Summer Interschool Sports teams for grade 5 & 6. His knowledge about the sports is extent and he has strong rapport with the children from the start of each training session.

    He has been working closely with Grade 5/6 teachers who are the coaches of the sports teams. Rapport was built with the teacher quickly and knowledge has been shared.

    Already there have been positive differences in skill level with our children and everyone involved has enjoyed the experience.

    Kate Francis, Physical Education Teacher and Sport coordinator ,Valkstone primary school ,Melbourne.

    Valkstone Primary School

    For the past 6 weeks, we had the opportunity to do bike education at St. Anne’s. Andi, who was the instructor for our sessions, was extremely professional, helpful and responsive to all students. He supported the students with the development of skills to ensure that the students would participate in a safe environment.

    Andi was always prepared to deliver the lessons using real-life signs and examples of traffic hazards and intersections. He wrapped up lessons with an overview of what was covered and always involved the students with appropriate questions.

    He communicated in  positive manner as the students were always engaged in the lessons and kept them informed about their progress.

    We can’t wait to have Andi back at our school next term for another 6 sessions!

    Belinda Slonim St Anne primary school, Seaford

    St Anne Primary School

    Andi has worked with our students over a number of years, delivering fun and engaging Handball clinics using the  “Teaching Games for Understanding” teaching model.  Andi teaches with high energy, humour and uses fast-moving activities, catering well for large groups of students.

    Andi is very skilful at developing students’ thinking about positioning and decision making in simple and more complex game situations. We always learn a lot from watching Andi teach, and the students always have a ball!

    Jane Utting Head of 7-12 Physical Education

    The Geelong college, Geelong

    The Geelong College

    Sportandi is right! He immediately had the students active and engaged, laughing and having fun. Andy coached a large group of Year 5 and 6 students in European Handball. They were taught practical skills that catered for all ability levels in a safe and inclusive environment.

    Students learnt the importance of teamwork, cooperation, having respect for each other and good sportsmanship. Even our most reluctant students had such a positive experience and every child finished the program with a sense of achievement.

    Thank you Andy, we look forward to seeing you again next year!

    Melinda Beaumaris North Primary School,Melbourne

    Beaumaris North Primary School

    Andi ran an amazing 4 week Netball program  for 30 year 1 & 2 students and 30 year 3 & 4 students. They all loved the sessions and responded fantastically to Andi. Importantly the development of the skills from week 1 to week 4 was excellent.

    The sessions were also fun and funny for all students. We will definitely book Andi again for more clinics.

    Blair Richardson Physical Education and Sport Coordinator

    Oakleigh primary School ,Melbourne

    Oakleigh Primary School

    Dear Andi,Just wanted to say thank you very much for organizing and conducting the Handball session at the GSV Year 7 Expo   Once again, your delivery of fun, action-packed, skill based sessions was very well received by all students and staff lucky enough to experience them!

    I know they always walk away with a smile on their face, which is a sure sign it went well.Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge of the sport and ability to deliver a great product to the target audience.

    Crystal Cheung Sport Officer Girls Sport Victoria

    Girls Sport Victoria

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