About Sportandi

Sportandi is a world leader Boutique Professional Learning agency working with schools, government and universities  providing unique physical education solutions for teachers, sport coaches and educators based in Melbourne, Australia. Approved provider for the Australian Government Sporting Schools program developed by the Australian Sport Commission for the last 10 years.

Sportandi customises and creates simple affordable and reliable  curriculum solutions by teaching the teachers and coaching the coaches in local,state,national and international level. Sportandi teaching and coaching methods enhance students and teacher learning experience using The Olascoaga method. Through our face to face workshops and online learning we help customers to achieve their educational goals, increase engagement in learning and provide unique Customer Experience solutions.

Sportandi promotes physical education learning, coaching, and increase sport participation with the benefits of fitness and health education to all humans. Our Global Citizenship workshops are unique and develop topics for educators as: Team work, Decision  making ,Resilience,Problem solving,Creativity and empathy to Impact.

We are eager to create New professional development solutions for teachers around the globe exploring opportunities with local partners that are focused on high quality,strong and exiting delivery of  knowledge in the education market.

Extensive global experience

  • 25 years of physical education teaching and coaching experience in
  • Israel and Australia.
  • Regular sports presenter in state, national, and international physical education and sport conferences , with sessions consistently fully booked.

High Performance experience
Former international handball player in the Israeli national team.
Sportandi, an innovative education method created in Melbourne, Australia.
Qualified physical education teacher, fitness instructor, and business owner.
Manager of Handball Development, and board member, Australian Handball Federation.
Past manager of the Australian Junior Handball Team (first time ever to participate in a Junior World Championship)