Olascoaga Method

Founder and CEO of Sportandi, Andres Olascoaga, has created the physical education program The Olascoaga Method. This program is aimed to encourage school-aged children to participate in physical education and have fun doing so. The program provides a teaching and coaching pedagogy for teachers and coaches by placing an emphasis on sport concepts rather than skills. The main benefits of The Olascoaga Method are:

  • Simple implementation
  • Engaging all the students in the lesson.
  • Provides a levelled field for all students to excel.
  • Time efficiency
  • Allows students to improve their skills and sports concepts
  • Caters for a large number of students in one class


The Olascoaga Method is focused around four pillars of development. We use the acronym SCTG to explain the method:

Pillar One – Space

Students will learn how to make use of space without the ball.This means the students are playing games with a focus on understanding movement patterns on a court or field without the ball, by using just their bodies.Running into a space without a ball creates a foundation of how movement is essential for any sports game they are apart of. Students need to be able to identify that overcrowding the ball in a game is a problem, therefore the concept of space is put in place so students can see that issue and solve it in a fun and engaging way.

Pillar Two – Communication

Students will learn ball games whilst playing in “me and partner” activities which lead to small group and side games. Learning the steps of how to keep possession of the ball, when to pass it and where to run after releasing the ball are crucial foundations which are learnt through communicating
with team members when playing within a small group.

Pillar 3  – Teamwork

Students will learn how to apply game skills and take on a role in a team after completing the first two stages. This stage of development creates an environment for students to be enthusiastic when participating in all future physical education classes and team games. All teachers can apply this method to any class, game or sport where there is defensive and attacking play in a limited field or court. Playing a part in a team is crucial to learning strategy and ensuring team

Pillar 4  – Game Tactics

Students will learn sport concepts in this final stage, such as attacking, transitioning of the ball, defending and driving the ball trough the field to other players. Playing the game in small teams will create opportunities for students to participate, increase skill development and freely move through the whole court. It is important to adapt the game to the level of participants, further creating fair opportunities for all and not letting individuals control the game. These are game tactics to be thought out as decision-making is a key contributor to success.

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More Information

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