Physical Education In The Era Of COVID-19

Schools are shut, our social groups reduced and we’re spending more time inside our homes than ever before – physical education has never been so important, nor has it presented such a challenge.

Physical activity is crucial for wellbeing and it’s fundamental for universal physical and mental health, controlling weight, improving sleep and reducing long-term health conditions. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, kids who have higher levels of physical activity often receive better grades and increased self-confidence and independence.

Physical education is an essential part of a child’s education. With students now stuck at home sitting behind their computers seven hours a day – it’s obvious that physical education is even more important than ever before.

Community transmission of COVID-19 a key concern of the facilitation to return to school, providing physical education has been significantly impacted. Sure some schools have the benefit of more indoor and outdoor spaces, some schools unfortunately do not. Schools must now follow structured government guidelines, ensuring safe social distancing, strict cleanliness of equipment and changes in teacher methods.

With schools terms opening and closing on an ad-hoc basis, and others still operating strictly from home, educators must not forget the role physical education plays in student wellbeing. Fortunately, physical education is cheap, accessible, not to mention a knowledgable and a safe option which must be incorporated as part of the ‘new normal’. While loosening social restrictions presents another challenge of possibly increasing the incidences of COVID-19 transmission.

Physed educators must turn to the use of technology to offer physical education and monitor overall health and wellbeing of students. While instead of utilising physical education in the school as just advice on sports, educators should present physical education as a tool of of professional encouragement of student behaviours while providing guidance and monitoring so that the practice of physical education is completed safely.

Offering a distance learning model will be the greatest tool to continue providing educational outcomes for students. Distance learning can be offered through video calling through providing actives for students to complete at home with the support of the teacher and peers.

Remember, be creative! Our students imagination is almost limitless.


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