Staying Active Has Never Been More Important – Neither Has Social Distancing.

Here we answer your questions, and provide ideas in terms of physical education and social distancing.

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a tumultuous year – our lives have completely changed and we must get used to the new normal. While we can’t change everything, we must change the way we exercise.

While physical education can be particularly important during stressful periods, we can’t forget the countless benefits it provides. Being physically active has been proven to improve your mood, maintain enhanced mental health, reduces stress, improve sleep quality and sharpen ones focus – not to mention the reduced long term chronic diseases!

Due to the global pandemic, governments have put in place measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – these include social distancing and increased hygiene protocols.

We suggest you confirm the latest directions or guidelines from your local chief health officer or department of health.

The best – and easiest way – to get active is simply staying within your neighbourhood and going for a walk, run or bike ride! This was you’re more likely familiar with your local area, allowing yourself to maintain social distancing with others in the community.

When visiting a community space or park, be sure to check for any conditions in place – this may be closures or restrictions. Monitor the amount of other people who may be there, ensuring enough space between yourself and others – in Australia at least 1.5 meters between others is required – it must be noted that social distance requirements are different in other countries, as are requirements for face masks and face coverings.

You can still undertake many of physical activity practices you know and enjoy, albeit with a few small changes:

  • Group physical education – follow our blog post on Physical education in school in the Covid19 era. We recommend getting active via conference call, such as Skype or Zoom, or perhaps stream classes off YouTube.
  • Missing team sports? Try practising your individual skills in an open space, it’s a great way to explore at home learning while developing PE skills.
  • Want to lift weights? Build strength while utilising body weight exercises in the comfort of your own home.
  • Get active, collaborate by trying some intense exercises, set some goals while you’re at it. Watching workout videos, attempt dancing competitions on apps like TikTok and House Party.

These are strange times indeed, don’t feel guilty if you’re not as active as you wish to be – without the ability to utilise a gym, getting active can be challenging. Remember household chores are gardening will always be allowed, you can count this as exercise and we’ll allow it!

Continue to avoid social gatherings, keep up the social distancing and practice good hygiene – we’ll beat this thing!


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