Welcome to Sportandi – Let’s Explore The Olascoaga Method

Our own Olascoaga Method provides needs-based physical education and development learning approach for school aged children, while providing life-long skills by focusing on concepts rather than the individuals sporting ability.

Created by Sportandi founder and CEO, Andres Olascoaga, our unparalleled method is simple, fun and engaging for all.

Key benefits of the Olascoaga Method are:

  • Easy to implement, regardless of the environment
  • Creates a positive environment for all students to engage in activities
  • Establishes an equal playing field between the teachers and each individual student, allowing students to excel.
  • Caters for various class sizes, both small and large
  • Allows students to develop personal skills and understanding of sporting concepts

We’ve worked with countless sports teachers in schools throughout Australia, we understand the issues physical education teachers face on a daily basis. Without a stable, structured platform with basic skills required required to understand physical literacy. Developing an in-depth understanding of physical literacy allows students the opportunity to understand their sporting environments, thus make better choices leading to increased confidence in a range of sporting situations.

In four easy steps, you can provide a level playing field which allows all students to succeed in a time efficient way:

  • Step One – Space Awareness

This is the first stage in which students will develop an understanding of spatial awareness. Here, we teach physical education utilising a confined space – students will develop their own abilities through practicing their fundamental motor skills.

  • Step Two – Communication

Utilising a larger space, students will form groups and understand how to communicate with teammates. In this stage, students develop their understanding of creating a positive and supportive environment with fellow classmates. This fosters each students sense of ability, belonging and awareness thereby embracing each students self-esteem.

  • Step Three – Teamwork

In this stage, students develop team skills which allows an individual sense of belonging and overall increased inclusiveness. We often see students with an increased level of enthusiasm and participation in line with increase levels of inclusiveness. This stage can be applied t any class, game or sport whenever there is an defence versus attack play within a field or court.

  • Step Four – Game Tactics

The final stage allows for students to develop their understanding of sporting concepts and tactics, including attacking, defending and intercepting the ball within a game. This stage allows for a small team in order to create opportunities for each student. It is crucial that the game in this stage is adapted to the participants level, in turn creating equal opportunities for all.

To learn more about our own Olascoaga Method, please get in contact with the team today!

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