Why exercise is good for mental health amongst teachers

Sportandi believe mental health is very important and are passionate about ensuring all participants in Sportandi programs feel uplifted when participating in physical exercise activities.

During this time of social distancing the public are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Staying safe at home is important, but the feeling of being alone and isolated can effect one’s mental health.

Teachers may be feeling stressed during this time as it can be difficult teaching a class without contact. Student performance levels, IT issues and demands on time can be some of the problems that can cause stress amongst teachers. Sportandi ensure their programs allow education not only for students but for teachers also as they play a large part in shaping future generations. Teachers need to take care of their mental health and can find emotional relief through exercise. Physical activity in all lifestyles helps to clear the mind and leave it feeling refreshed and focused.

Sportandi’sfun and engaging physical activity workshops allow happy endorphins to be released through out the body to further improve mental health and make teachers feel happy and relaxed. Staying healthy and positive during this time is Sportandi’s aim.

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