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Customised learning workshops and Soft Skills

Sportandi offer customised professional learning workshops globally throughout the school year. Our workshops are customised and tailored to your needs. The program follows the school curriculum and our customised workshops will ignite creativity and strengthen core competencies using twenty-first century skills. These skills include team building, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration, which are a part  of understanding the importance of soft skills. 

Soft skills are vital for students to learn in this constantly adapting world. These skills involve the understanding of leadership, verbal and written communication and how to problem solve quickly and effectively. Individuals who have excellent soft skills have more opportunity to advance in their careers, as they are able to connect with others and build relationships. It is one thing to be great at what you do, but if you are unable to communicate that across to others then your chances are limited in career development. Sportandi’s customised professional learning workshops intertwine soft skills into the program to ensure teachers and students are set for success. 


We are filling the gap between academia and the field by creating a learning environment that encourages students and teachers to thrive. The Olascoaga Method for physical education and sport is a unique teaching and coaching methodology, a framework that we use to deliver our exciting and engaging workshops. Our professional learning program focuses on high quality teaching and innovation to tailor education to your needs.

Sportandi is helping to improve the planet throughphysical education and recycling. 

Sportandi fights climate change by teaching students the importance of recycling, by using reusable objects and recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, leads, plastic bags, news papers and cardboard. These are implemented intophysical education classes for primary schools. Our workshops are linked to the Victorian curriculum.

Students are encouraged to collect recyclable materials, which can be customised for physical education sessions to further help enhance learning and creativity. 

Fast Facts

Why Sportandi encourage Recycling:


Not only does recycling help the environment it also offers people jobs, which helps the economy. There are more jobs available in the recycling industry, rather then landfill industries. This further means it will also help with solving the problem of unemployment. If recycling is not encouraged amongst the younger generations there would be no future for our planet.

Reduce Environmental Problems

The process of recycling an old product into something reusable uses energy and can create pollution. Therefore it is encouraged to reuse the same item as much as possible. Consumers may think they can use as many recyclable products as they like, but if they do not take the initiative to then recycle it after it will end up in landfill. Therefore, Sportandi aim to encourage students to use minimal waste products, as waste does not simply disappear. 

Decreases Harmful Chemicals and Greenhouse Gasses

These are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Habitat destruction, global warming and deforestation occur when these harmful chemicals are released into the environment. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved.

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